Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Here's the ol' man posing in his cartoon museum. He must be the biggest cartoon fan in the world! He collects caricatures of himself. The one below is by Dragan (I hope I spelled it right!) The photo on the left of the wall is my Mom when she was a young fashion model.
 Since I moved to LA he had to find a replacement for me so he adopted Missy the cat and is teaching her to box so she can grow up to be a real man like him.
 Whoops, look like she sprained something in training! Thank goodness for rehab.
Here's one of my favorite family pictures from about 1963 0r 4.Check out Dad's cool glasses. Mom and Elizabeth are all dolled up too, but I refused to wear my snap on tie that day, or maybe I accidentally soiled it.
Happy Father's day to dads everywhere on the planet and especially, you DAD!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

LA Comicon Feb 22 2015

Does anyone remember Phantom Lady and classic girlie comics artist Matt Baker's great comics? Jim here sure does!

That handsome lad there below is a budding artist himself and will be more famous that Walt Disney and Picasso put together in 10 years! Look how proud Dad is-and he should be!
I get this request a lot - to do a World's Finest version of Ren and Stimpy:
Boy is Blogger hard to figure out these days...I can't seem to get anything to line up.
Chris here was a real sport.
Don't Marcelo and Christian have a lovely child?
 The one below is the best one I did today, but the photo is crappy because I took it myself, and I'm the 2nd worst photographer in the world.
That Vincent is quite a card, isn't he folks?
Thanks to Bruce Schwartz for inviting me to his swell con.

We didn't get photos of everyone's drawings but if you have one and would like to see it posted here, send me a scan or a photo!

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the Stimpsons

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