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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bud Blake

Bud Blake's style and characters look deceptively simple.
But he can obviously draw really well. Try to take those simply designed characters and draw them on a down shot, walking! I always hated drawing down shots in cartoons-and they are impossible to animate. Bud makes at least the drawing part look easy.
He draws great perspective and composition and would make a killer layout artist if he wasn't a successful cartoon illustrator and comic strip artist. What a beautiful drawing above!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Johnny Hart and more!

Hey I found another great comics blog:

It's filled with a lot of great cartoonists I didn't even know about and a bunch I did, but didn't know about some of their less famous work.

Bud Blake did a lot of stuff I didn't know about...The sonuvagun could sure draw.
I love this early Mort Walker stuff. I used to draw Beetle Bailey all the time when I was a kid.Here's an especially weird and interesting artist. Klaus Nordling.He has a few posts about Johnny Hart, creator of B.C. and Wizard of Id.
These comics had a great influence on me. I loved the interaction of all the distinct characters, the great staging and continuity, but what I thought was most unique about it was the sincere humanity of it.
Johnny Hart and his crew (Brant Parker and others) had a way of drawing expressions and attitudes that reflected the real life cynicism of men and boys. I had never seen this in earlier strips. I think it was a revolution.Johnny also had a funny way of drawing pain. You really felt the charactor's agony from the gnashed teeth and hideous grimaces he (they) drew. I'll try to find some good pain faces in my own collection...

When I read his strips, I was always amazed that they ever made it into the funny pages, because they weren't all upbeat, safe and happy like most humor comics. They had a new kind of honesty and observation of the way we humans really are. Like dirty socks.

Hank Ketcham of course, is a genius and the site has lots of rare early stuff...
What beautiful layout and composition!

Hunt around the site for many cartoon treasures!


more roughs to come later today...